The Republicans did not have an alternate plan for the ACA when it was first proposed because they do not believe in government, which is peculiar when you are getting paid as a member of government. But that is another story. The do not “believe” in Social Security and fought it ferociously when FDR proposed it. They do not “believe” in Medicare and fought if ferociously when LBJ proposed it. They obviously do not “believe” in women’s health, even if it does not include abortion. They never had an alternative to Obamacare and they will not. They want to repeal it. Period. The bottom line is the bottom line and pleasing the Health Insurance companies fills their reelection coffers. Same with the NRA. But that is another story, too. Follow the money and it leads to privatization, the destruction of government programs and certain people benefitting. Just not those who have pre-existing medical conditions.


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