screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-11-59-26-amTrump has been testing the water for years and now knows, for a true fact, not an alternative one, that he is allowed to lie and lie and lie without consequence. For is supporters. The rest of the country knows he is a liar. The only way to combat this is to remember it on election days. All elections days. City, State, Federal. Vote against the party that believes Trump is a tool to get what they want. Vote against the party who is destroying everything we were told makes us American, like a Middle Class and FDRs Four Freedoms (look them up). It truly is up to the American People to decide what country we want. There are more that do not believe Trump and his party represent the way to make America Great. But, as hard as it has been made, they must vote, vote, vote to prevent this hostile takeover!


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